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Semantic Integrity of a Polysemous Word Structure (Invariant Approach)

The following study is concerned with the determination of the way the meanings are mapped in the semantic space of the lexicon by means of revealing the content of the semantic structures of the polysemous words.The main emphasis of this articleis on the results of a psycholinguistic experiment, in which the informants enumerated the meanings of English and Russian polysemous words and gave their interpretations. The research results enabled us to draw a conclusion that in order to preserve the semantic integrity of a word structure, the number of meanings must remain within the limits of the invariant semantic components. The invariant lexical components form clusters of integral and differential types that combined in dif-ferent configurations form a word desired meaning. Keywords - Word Structure, Meaning, Mental Lexicon, Lexical Cluster, Lexical Invariant, Semantic Network, Metaphor.