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Refugees' Art and Crafts Healing Center

According to UNHCR reports, 102,000+ of refugees are resettled worldwide in 2017 where 57% of the refugees come from three countries: Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan. Number of the Syrian Refugees are 5.6 million which represents more than half of all Syrians where they have been displaced by war. Approximately 140,000 Syrians live in two camps: Za’atari refugee camp and Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. Nearly 50% of all registered refugees are under the age of 18, and millions have grown knowing nothing but conflict. These wars caused the children a trauma that was a mark in their life. Although education is an essential tool of empowerment and it is especially important for young people; these children are out of schools, as they grow up in the urban areas without access to education, where an entire generation’s future is at risk. This research aims to explore and examine a model to create a stronger connection between the refugees and community where they are isolated. The proposed model relies on creating a refugee’s art and craft healing Centre which tries to bridge the gap between the refugees and community. The Centre role will be teaching young refugees' skills, displaying the products to the community, and marketing the products, which will help in providing a good income source for them. Recovering the children after trauma and healing them by art and other activities, providing them with a peaceful environment that will reduces stress level. On the other hand, the model will be designed to provide a high flexibility structure to be used as a mobile element which help is solving the problem of the huge costs needed for Camps infrastructure by having the capacity to be used to serve refugees in different camps. It is hoped that this study will improve the learning techniques, providing different crafts, helping in exporting their products and have their own income, increasing the benefits in refugees’ camps, integrate them with the community. Keywords - Mobile Architecture, Healing Architecture, Flexibility, Refugees, Community Service