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Effect of Land Management on Soil Yeast Diversity

More knowledge about the effects of human activities on biodiversity are needed. The information of biodiversity of soil is still very limited in a hot climatic regions. Therefore, we assessed the diversity of soil yeasts and responses to land management. A total of 95 yeast strains were isolated and identified from 45 different soil samples. The samples were taken from three different sites according to the gradient of land management intensity (wildlands, orchards and agricultural fields). Overall, yeasts species composition of the different sites was very heterogeneous, and nearly half of the species were found in a single system only. We found that poor land-management has a strong negative impact on the soil biodiversity. Showed the results of molecular analysis that (21, 11 ,6) yeast species were identified respectively. Soil microbial communities in Iraq remains unexplored to a large extent, this is the first study to assess soil yeasts diversity under different management lands in Iraq and neighboring countries (the middle east). Keywords - Yeast Diversity; Lands Management ; Soil Biota; Sustainable Agriculture; Soil Health; Hot Climatic Regions