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Creative Thinking Ability of Improving Teacher Education Primary School Students with Creative Learning Model

Creative Learning Skills For Students Are Very Important in the 21st Century Learning Era. The purpose of this research is to study the improvement of students' creative thinking driven by creative learning models, which discuss the planning phase, extracting creative ideas, research, elaboration, displaying work and implementation. The subjects of this study were 117 third semester students, academic year 2018/2019, at the Department of Primary School Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, Ganesha University of Education. The topic discussed was the application of acid-base theory and natural indicators. Methods of data collection use a test of creative thinking skills with indicators Think Now, Think Flexible, Communicate, Think Original. Statistics increase in statistics with N-gain. The results of creative thinking skills in cycle I (in class F) to cycle IV (in class A) for each indicator of creative thinking skills, namely Fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration, related evaluations-helped score N-gain ie 0, 87 (height); 0.67 (moderate); 0,43 (moderate); 0.62 (moderate); 0.55 (medium): 0, 54 (medium). These results indicate that the indicator of fluency in the high category. Keywords - Creative Learning, Creative Learning Models, Elementary School Teacher Education