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The Process of Reusing Machine Part in Gold Wire Bonding Process of IC Packaging Product

Integrated circuit packaging (IC packages) business is continuously growing in Thailand.The manufacturermust bein competition to increase efficiency and reduce costsin their production process. The consideration of using expired machinery parts for reuse is one of the strategies for cost reduction and increasing the efficiency. The main process of IC packages is the gold wire bonding process which connects the circuit of the products. The gold wire bonding process requires high precision in processing, therefore there are many factors that affect the quality of the work. It is necessary to consider the methods of reuse parts of machine in gold wire bonding process. The process of reusing machine parts consists of finding the optimization parameters so that those parts do not affect the quality of the productsand must have quality control in the production process using appropriate statistical methods. Keywords - IC Packaging, Gold Wire Bonding, Factorial Design, Response Surface Methodology, Quality Control