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A New Paradigm on Improving Students Learning Outcomes Application of A New Control Chart on Educational Data

Comparing own work with the work of some established entity in the same field is commonly refer to as benchmarking. The same goes for educational performance also. Countries can customize general philosophies on education and tailor made them according to their specific needs. This diversity speaks about the acceptability of such a philosophy. But evaluation still remains a daunting task reason being it involves objective rather than subjective analysis. Objective analysis calls for specific standard statistical tools applied across a spectrum subjects. Control charts in education have been a new entry for monitoring and evaluation purposes. It is a double edged sword as it looks at the continuity of a process and pinpoints any obvious variation on concern. The present study will assess the application of a control chart developed used Multiple Dependent State Repetitive sampling (MDSR) technique. The data set used for demonstrating the proposed technique will be from Weber State University. Both the traditional and proposed charts were plotted using R software .Comparison of the proposed control chart and the traditional control chart will be shown for verify the efficiency of the proposed technique. The findings of the study will be supplemented by applying the technique on a real life data set and explaining the results. Keywords - Learning Outcomes, Educational Data.