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Automation of Advanced Geographic Information Systems (A-GIS) and Data Valuation Statistics (Automation GIS, Business Model)

Among the set of search and optimization techniques, the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been very important in the last decade. GISs are a set of modern forecasting models used successfully in many business applications with great complexity. It success on solving difficult decisions has been the engine of a field known as ADVANCED GIS(AGIS). Benefits using AGIStechniques mostly come from flexibility gains and their fitness to the objective target in combination with anorganizational behaviour. Now days, AGIS is considered as an adaptable concept for decisions solution, especially complex optimization decisions. This vision is the alternative to some existing business processes that shows GIS and AGISas a collection of similar geographical maps ready to be used in any business problem. Keywords - Automation, Optimization, Complexity, Business Process, Data Valuation, Mapping