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Ecosophy and Self-Realization in Margaret Atwood‟s Trilogy viewed from a Global Perspective

The existing ecological phenomenon is undoubtedly one of the consequences of globalization. The world is facing many ecological problems due to the thoughtlessness, lack of sensitivity and the irresponsible behaviour of many people towards the Creator and creation. The present ecological crisis is gradually developing into a global ecological disaster. In order to prevent this disaster, at least marginally, we need a paradigm shift. Instead of looking at it merely as an ecological crisis, we need to view it from an eco-philosophical perspective. Ecosophy – the shortened form of eco-philosophy – helps us to develop this right approach in understanding the deeper inter-connectedness between the Creator, the cosmos and mankind and to work towards an ethical and balanced relationship between these three realities. Margaret Atwood’s Trilogy view the ecological crisis from an ecosophical perspective as the novels are concerned with its deeper causes, such as rootlessness, nostalgia, alienation, racial and gender discrimination, marginalization, cultural hybridization etc. She presents these concepts very realistically through her creative imagination and her ecological ethics can be traced in her works from a global perspective. The main aim of this paper is to foster stability which is the fundamental basis of ecology. Geographically, this is termed as ‘harmonious relationship’. By exploring the works of Atwood, the need for rethinking and reorientation in this area is enhanced. The openness to embrace a healthy and right way of being, thinking and acting can lead to a more harmonious and healthy relationship between the Creator, cosmos and mankind. The main intention in studying the novels of Atwood is to bring out the ecological philosophies that are contextualised in her novels with regard to the human relationships presented by her in a lively fashion. The following novels are taken up for study namely, Oryx and crake, The year of the flood, and MaddAaddam etc. All these novels depict the various aspects of the ecological crisis which exists on the face of the earth. The duplicity in the norms and recognition, the ghastliness of life and the tragic dilemma are found in the characters of Margret Atwood as they become the victims of pronounced values and actual values. Keywords - Ecosophy, Self-Realization, Paradigm Shift, Balanced Relationship, Actual Values.