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Female Characters Analysis in Thai Movies Produced by THEGDH 559 Co., Ltd

This research aims to study female characters analysis in Thai movies from GDH 559 Co., Ltd between 2016-2018, a total of 6 movies including One day (2016), The gift (2016), Bad genius (2017), The promise (2017), Brother of the year (2018) and Homestay (2018) which are a case study of successful Thai movie production both income and awards. This research is a qualitative research using textual analysis, three-dimensional character analysis and character types. The movies are analysed from movies, DVDs, online, documentary sources, movie reviews and related research. The research results are as follows: Three-dimensional of female character analysis, in physiology found discovered that most of them aged 15-20 years of age, good-looking, in sociology found that most of the characters are middle class, single status and psychology most of them are love family/friends, need to succeed in study/work and have external conflicts from other people . Analysis of the female characters based on Laurie Hutzler's concept shows that most female characters power of love. Because it is to create emotions with the audience which the main target group are women more than men. The filmmakers therefore choose to present the story through the perspective of female characters rather than male characters and to attract attention to watch the movies. Analysis of female characters types found that mostly they are active characters; the character is the center of the story from beginning to end. The characters are not perfect women, equality, humanity with desire, reflects the image of women in society. In the end, the character still remorseful, repent and happy life. Movie viewers are easily attached to the female characters of GDH 559. Keyword - Female character analysis, Thai movies, GDH 559