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The Service of Home Delivery for Elderly and People with Special Needs

This paper highlights the service of home delivery for older people and people with special needs. It introduces the libraries services in general and then specifies efforts in providing of home delivery service for special needs and elderly. It mentions the significance of this service in assisting these categories of our community. Some of the research questions have been undertaken regarding to that service, and how home delivery service will be presented to help these specific categories properly. This research has reviewed the literature which displays an overview of home delivery service under five subheadings, which are: A) the brief history of home delivery service. B) Why does home delivery service concern for elderly and people with special needs? C) how to deliver sources to patrons' houses. D) what kind of services should be included in home delivery services to satisfy users. E) the difficulties that home delivery service was encountered. Last heading is that suggesting of the instrument that will be used in the future to test research questions under research methodology heading. Keywords - Older people, Older persons, Disabled, Disabilities, Home delivery service, Libraries services, Elderly.