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Face Detection for Attendance Recording System

This research presents the time recording system by using the face detection and recognition method to solve the delay problem of identity verification by fingerprint scanning of the Department of Mineral. The Haar Feature-Based Cascade Classifiers algorithm is used to detect the face from the camera and convert the image to Gray Scale. Then, the Local Binary Pattern algorithm will be predicting the face. From the testing results, the measurement of system performance by detecting and recognizing the faces of five participants, each of 400 frames of the camera, recording a total of 2,000 images, with an average recall value of 98.55%, average precision value of 98.59% and average F-Measure value of 98.54%, and can prevent the error of time recording. The system can detect multiple faces simultaneously. Therefore, the proposed model can be solved the problem of delay in confirming the identity of the original system effectively. Keywords - Face Detection, Face Recognition, Recording System, Identity Verification