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The Views of Secondary School 8th Year Students and Teachers Regarding Social Justice

In this study, it is aimed to determine the views of students and teachers regarding social justice. The study is a descriptive type of study. The study group consisted of 175 8th year students and 38 teachers at Mehmet Varlıoğlu Secondary School and Gurler Secondary School in Kırıkkale, Ismail Enderun Secondary School in Ankara, Alacalıoğlu Secondary School, Huseyin and Saffet Coskun Secondary School in Yozgat. In this study, Students’ Views Regarding Social Justice Form and Teachers’ Views Regarding Social Justice Form were developed by the researcher in order to determine the views of students and teachers. These forms consisted of four open ended questions related to the students’ and teachers views about social justice. The answers given to the four open ended questions in the form were combined and gathered under common headers. Frequency and percentages were calculated about student and teacher opinions regarding social justice. Eight grade students opinions’ regarding social justice revealed that having justice and equality in society, being fair and equitable to others, having justice in activities and improving relations in society. Among the teachers, on the other hand, the most popular views on social justice, as indicated by the frequency with which they were chosen, were as follows: Social justice starts with a fair distribution of income, economic and social values should be distributed on an equal-opportunity basis, being fair to those in one’s social environment, and citizens should be equal in social terms and should enjoy equal rights and freedoms. The findings of this study were discussions and suggestions were made in parallel with the findings. Keywords - Social Justice, Eight Grade Students, Eight Grade Teachers, View