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Broker’s Way Out: Understanding the Client’s Technology Adoption in the World of Disruptive Technology

Currently, tec[mhnology plays an important role in all sectors of the business. In securities trading, technology facilitates financial transactions and it also helps the investors save time and money from traveling to the company.This research studies technology adoption of general investors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in all 4 regions of Thailand, with a sample size of 1,208 investors who use online and offline securities trading services. The research found that the four factors of technology acceptance:(1) perceived usefulness (2) perceived ease of use (3) perceived credibility and (4) computer self-efficacy have a direct and positive influence on four factors of the investors’ behavioral loyalty including (1) word-of-mouth (2) retention (3) business partners and (4) advocate customers at a significant level of 0.001.The level of technology acceptance of the customers can predict their behavioral loyalty at 44.1 percent. Keywords - Broker’s Way Out, Client’s Adoption, Disruptive Technology