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Implementation of Go Green School Program in the District 6 Schools in the Division of Manila: Basis for a Proposed Action Plan

Environment is the surrounding where we live and the source of life. It directs our life and determines our proper growth and development. A quality social life depends on the quality of our natural environment. At home, it is the first school in which children learn moral values, love of environment and love of themselves. School is their second home. Green classrooms equip children with the knowledge on how to make a difference in the world but also help create a healthier learning environment that benefits the students, teachers, and learning institutions. This study assessed in the implementation of greening program in the District 6 Schools in the Division of Manila in terms of: Toxic Reduction Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Acoustical Performance, Resources Sustainability, Green Health Space, Health and Wellness, Environmental Literacy, Preparedness, Safety and Security, and Linkages and Network. The study made used of Purposive Sampling. The population of the study was secondary school administrators, teachers and parents. There were one hundred fifty six (156) respondents comprising of fifty-six (56) administrators, fifty-three (53) teachers, and forty-six (46) parents who are Parent Teachers Association (PTA) officers of the respective school. The findings unveil that the schools in District Six of the Division on Manila implemented the Go Green program. The significant difference on the assessment of the Go green Program is accepted. It concluded that the schools are further to improve the implementation of the Go Green Program. The respondents have similar views. Keywords - Go Green, Environmental Literacy, Health, Wellness, Safety and Security