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Investigating The Impact of Sensory Marketing on Buying Behavior in The Retail Context: Egypt Case

Given the continuous homogenization of products and services, it is critical for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Especially in the service industry, marketing researchers and practitioners have a significant interest in effectively managing service encounters to maximize the consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty (Haase et al.,2018). The aim of this research is To investigate the impact of sensory marketing on buying behavior via multisensory brand experience in the coffee house context in Egypt. There is a knowledge gap regarding relationships between sensory marketing, brand experience and buying behavior. (“smell, sound, sight, taste and touch” in generating buying behavior. This research has based on the consumer perspective in coffee house retail context particularly the franchised in Egypt. The researcher used quantitative approach to gain more insights and more explanations to be able to investigate the impact of the independent variable (sensory marketing) on the dependent variable (consumer buying behavior) via the mediating variable (multi-sensory brand experience). The results, Study recommendations and future research points also discussed through the paper. Keywords - Sensory Marketing, Buying Behavior , Brand Experience