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A New Framework for Predicting Driving Pattern Behavior based on Driving Data Analysis

Vehicle driver analysis have been the research attention for automotive engineering. Study on new frame framework classification of vehicle driver are implemented in this research in terms of its relevant research directions and key technologies involved. This research examines the driver analysis based on the vehicle driver’s behavior, or vehicle driver behavior characteristics. Following the presentation of the driver behavior analysis, the key technologies of the vehicle driver behavior are examined in detail, including identification, classification, and methods of the vehicle driver behavior analysis, experimental design and data acquisition. Researcher are concentrating on detecting alertness driver’s characteristics, hence here researcher propose novel methods for the development of a low-cost and accurate classification of an intrusive method for the classification. Support Vector Machines (SVM) will be used, and it has become a widespread method in machine learning applications. In this report, we investigate a method for one-class classification that used data from the data acquisition from vehicle and form outside environment. Keywords - Support Vector Mahine, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing