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Guidelines for Gastronomy Tourism Development in Ranong, Thailand

The objectives of this research were to 1) to study the context of gastronomy tourism in Ranong2)study the expectations and satisfaction of tourists towards gastronomy tourism in Ranong and 3) to create guidelines for the development of gastronomy tourism in Ranong using quantitative research methodology from questionnaires of 400 Thai tourists who consume food in Mueang district, Ranong and qualitative research by interviewing 10 related persons. The statistics used for data analysis are Descriptive statistics consisting of Frequency, Percentage, Standard of Deviation. The results show that 295 tourists are female, 106 of them are aged between 31-40 years old, 275 are single, 322 graduated from bachelor's degrees, have an average monthly income of 10,001 - 20,000 baht and 145 people are private company employees. The study result of expectations and satisfactions of standard and quality of gastronomy tourism in Ranong province found that tourists have high expectations for gastronomy tourism standards in Ranong in every aspect. The aspect that has the highest expectations is food, while the satisfaction study found that tourists have a high level of satisfaction in personnel, process and food aspect and moderate level of satisfaction in location, container, safety, tourist service, and environment, social and society realization and responsibility. Keywords - Development Guidelines, Food for Tourism