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Development of Procurement Procedure in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Development of procurement procedure in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to develop an effective pattern and procedure for procurement operation in the faculty. This study is qualitative research based on in-depth interview of 20 procurement staff members and other relevant persons. It is found from the study that most of the sample group are female aged between 20-30 years old, from various departments and had work experience between 3-9 years.On operational problems, it was found that 18 procurement staff members have good, complete understanding of their work, while the remaining two did not understand one or more steps.On tracking and coordination, it was found that 15 procurement staff members had tracking issues and had to wait for responsible persons. Coordination within the procurement workgroup was lacking. However, five staff members were satisfied with coordination with the procurement staff.On service, it was found that 18 procurement staff members was considered satisfactory by customers or 90% of success.On procurement quality, 11 customers were satisfied with packages received. The packages met the requirements because of clear specification. However, two were unsatisfied because the procurement department was unable to obtain some objects. Keywords - Development, Procedure, Procurement.