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Hostel Strategic Management: A Case Study of Hostels in Center Business District, Bangkok

The purposes of this study were 1) to study the management of hostels in Center Business District, Bangkok and 2) to present the strategy for hostels management in Center Business District(CBD), Bangkok. The qualitative method was used in this research. The data was collected from in-depth interviews with the owner, manager and employees of a hostel, which means not more than 25 rooms, for studying the management of hostels in Center Business District, Bangkok and purposive sampling with 15 hostels to present the strategy for hostel management in Center Business District, Bangkok. The results of this study were (1) Planning, most of the hostels focus on service, cost , revenue management and the hostel’s stunning decoration (2) Organizing , most of hostel staff received verbal orders directly from owners or managers and no document or memorandum (3) Directing, most of the hostels divide the organization according to responsibilities with simple divisions in each department (4) Coordination, most of the hostels used oral communication between departments (5) Controlling, most of the hostels made outlines for duties to control staff to be standardized. The hostel management strategies comprise of 4 strategies: (1) Active Strategy, to develop appropriately management resources (4M-Money Man Material Machine) (2) Development Strategy, management is carried out in a participatory manner in the organization (3) Passive Strategy, to develop the marketing potential of a hostel by used online marketing (4) Flexible Strategy, to develop the hostel to accommodate specific niche tourism sectors Keywords - Hostels Management, Strategy, Hostels