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Structure of Administrative Authorities that affects the Policy Implementation on Social Inequality in the Sa Kaeo Special Economic Zone

The social and economic inequality became the most severe problems for Thai people and government. That creates trouble for at least 15 million Thai people whose status is poor. One of military government solution was making public policy to establish the special economic zone. To promote investment and trading in border area of Thailand. The objectives of this research were about how government implementing this policy in past 5 years by using good governance approach and the theory of inequality as a conceptual framework This research used mixed methodology both quantitative and qualitative methods. In the area of Sa Kaeo special economic zone. The research found that the policy implementation did not successful as government goals. Most people in the areas have lower income. Agricultural products price down. Foreign and Thai Investors disregard to investing. Border trade was decreased and economic is not improving. But there had good side as higher land prices and more real estate projects. Access to resources and public services at medium level. Foreign workers vie for Thai labor. Policy implementation without good governance and public administration is centralized. Military government giving importance to the security and stability of the state rather than developing the economy, many rules, regulations, Thai bureaucracy and laws would be obstacle to trade and investment. Keyword - Inequality, Policy Implementation, Sa Kaeo, Special Economic Zone