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The Motivation of Consumers take the Service from Fresh Coffee Shop in Udon Thani, Thailand

Objectives of this study are to study difference of personal and coffee drinking behavioral factors influencing motivation of consumers to take service from the fresh coffee shop in UdonThani, in Thailand. It used questionnaire to collect data from group of 400 consumers with their residences in UdonThani. Consequence indicate that the most samples consume at least a cup of fresh coffee per day; drink espresso; have coffee drinking because coffee can help to more alert from drowsiness; the most popular coffee shop is “The Ricco Coffee & Steak”; consume service during weekdays between 11.00 – 14.00; at least 2 – 3 times a month; spend at least or less than 100 baht per time and do not take away. The important factors for the customers to take the service from the fresh coffee shop are as follows; the appropriate prices; the coffee shop atmosphere and friends and colleagues have involved in the decision to consume service. The total motivation on marketing mix factors in medium level; when consider with each factors found out that most of consumers motivate by staff at the highest level and motivate by channel of distribution at the lowest level. The model of service development of the fresh coffee shop in UdonThani; there should develop facilities for customers; e.g., broadband wifi, electricity sockets for mobile phones and notebooks charging and more space of parking lots. Keywords - Behavioral Factors, Motivation, Fresh Coffee Shop