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The Study of Satisfaction using Application Emergency Alert for Elderly People in Bangkok

This research aims to evaluate an emergency alert application for elderly people in Bangkok. The sample used in the research was four hundred elderly people living in Bang Phlat community, Bangkok, Thailand. The emergency application for the elderly people by using the questionnaire for evaluation performance by five experts. The satisfaction evaluation of elderly people (end-user), which statistics were analyzed by mean and standard deviation. The research found that emergency application for the elderly people which propose on Android operating system. The result of experts consist of overall average of the applications was 4.59 and the overall standard deviation was 0.02 (x̅= 4.59, S.D. = 0.02) which was the highest performance. The result of elderly people (end-user) consist of overall average was 4.46 and the standard deviation was 0.01 (x̅= 4.46, S.D. = 0.01). Keywords - Application, Elderly People, Emergency Alert