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Quality of Life of Women Following Mastectomy and Breast Conserving Treatment for Breast Cancer in Khartoum Oncology Hospital, Sudan, January 2018

Background: Mastectomy and BCT were reported to have a significant effect on breast cancer patients, both physically and psychologically. This study investigates the effect of mastectomy and BCT on the quality of life of Sudanese women with breast cancer. Objectives: The objectives of this study were to assess the quality of life of women with breast cancer after mastectomy and BCT and to measure the relation between the patients’ quality of life and their demographic data. Methods: A descriptive cross sectional hospital based study at Khartoum Oncology Hospital was done. A sample of 92 women with breast cancer and had undergone mastectomy or BCT were chosen randomly and interviewed using the SF-36 Quality of life standard questionnaire. Results: The sample size was 92. The mean age was 48 years. 69.9% (n=64) were married, 69.6% (n=64) were housewives, 41.3% (n=38) had children below 5 years and 39.1% (n=36) had their operation before 1 year from the time of the study. The population was good in terms of General Health and Physical Functioning and fair in terms of social and emotional wellbeing. The level of Pain was severe and the level of Fatigue/Energy was moderate. The level of limitation due to physical and emotional problems was moderate. There is a slight difference between the group who underwent mastectomy and the group who underwent BCT in terms of quality of life parameters, the BCT group being better. Chi-square test was conducted to assess the relationship between the quality of life parameters and the demographic data of the patients. There is significant relationship between the educational level and level of severity of pain (P=0.011) and the time since surgery and the level of physical functioning (P=0.041). Conclusion: The quality of life was affected negatively in terms of the level of pain but the other parameters were not strongly affected. Keywords - Breast cancer, Quality of Life, Mastectomy