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A Study on Cost Optimization in State Sector Hospital Laboratories of Sri Lanka

In the IVD market of Sri Lanka, it is observed that there’s a vast discrepancy in the cost per test of the biochemistry analytics of the same test parameters. Hence the most commonly tested five parameters (Glucose, Cholesterol, Creatinine, ALT/AST) were considered in the study to evaluate the cost variance. In order to bring in a validation for Budget optimization in the industry and achieve a sustainable financial resource performance, with the focus on large institutions and high through put analyzers (throughput over 400 test per hour) which will reflect the effect on a large portion of budget utilization (teaching hospitals, provincial general hospitals & district general hospitals) were studied. The study aimed to evaluate that the cost per test of the test parameters has no relationship with the quality and the end user satisfaction. The quality of the analyzers were evaluated through six months EQAS reports and the user satisfaction derived through the questionnaire. It was evidenced that the result quality of each analyzer in the target population were within the satisfactory criteria. The correlation of the quality and the user satisfaction against the cost per test is -0.014 and -0.007 respectively. Keywords - EQAS, IVD Market in Sri Lanka, Cost per Test, Price Cap Regulation