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Faculty Members' Perspectives at King Abdul-Aziz University about Interdisciplinary Research Programs

Educational process has suffered greatly from the traditional curriculum specifically focused on only one system. On the other side, we find that interdisciplinary programs, in recent times, is a prerequisite for many occupations in the labor market and it has been proven that students who learn through interdisciplinary studies have mastering high and complementary skills of thinking . The current study seeks to monitor the opinions of faculty members toward interdisciplinary programs at King Abdul Aziz University. the attitudes of 564 faculty members in eighteen Faculties of the University have been investigated and it has been found that the percentage of those who know what are the interdisciplinary program was about 56%, also 20% of the respondents from the faculty members confirmed that they have the experience and practice in the field of interdisciplinary programs. Also, 78.5% of them reported that interdisciplinary programs help in finding jobs for graduates. In the same vein, approximately 75.1% of them indicated that these programs offer cooperation between scientific departments within the same college and between the different colleges. The researchers came out with some recommendations for the need to focus on studies and interdisciplinary programs in the University education. Keywords - Interdisciplinary Programs, Labor Market, Faculty Members, Sustainable Development, Community Participation