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Effects of Inadequate Controls of Engineering Technology Resulting to Structural Failures

Structural failure occurs when there is Loss of the load-carrying capacity of a component or member within a structure or of the structure itself. This can occur in a situation where the material in a structure is stressed to its strength limit, thereby causing fracture or excessive deformations. The ultimate strength of the material or the system is the limit of the load bearing capacity, as the world population increases and economic activities continues to expand. There is high demand in constructions of all kinds of infrastructure within the rural and urban areas, this results to high expectation from the stakeholders in the construction industry. This research focuses on control measure that are been neglected by the engineers and technicians in the construction industry. Case study of a construction site collapsed in Tongaat, North of Durban South Africa, trapping many under the concrete rubble, and Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos Nigeria, where lives from different nations were lost. The final result shows that these two Examples of Structural failures were caused by inadequate Control. These are phenomena leading to loss of life and properties; This could have been prevented if adequate control measures have been put in place. Recommendations in control of machineries used in construction were to be made in order to prevent the future occurrence of such. Keywords - Structural Failure, Construction, Earth-Moving-Equipment, Machineries