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Failure Detection Module for Satellite Failure Management System

Satellite Failure Management System (FMS), is the core part responsible for handling, configuring and recovering the failures in satellite subsystems in the emergency mode. The main advantage of using FPGAs in developing the FMS is manifested in its programming flexibility and ability to implement fault tolerant techniques such as hardware Triple Modular Redundancies (TMR) and software roll-back and check-pointing techniques. The use of FPGAs would increase the overall satellite reliability when mitigated probably. The overall satellite system efficiency and effectiveness would be enhanced when compared with the current small satellite architectures which depend on discrete components. The Satellite Failure Management system (FMS) is apportioned into three main techniques, failure detection, isolation and recovery techniques (FDIR). They are all related under the integrated diagnostics concept. In this paper, we propose an approach of using FPGAs to develop the FMS detection module. In case of detecting any design failures in the FMS through telemetry data bus, the FPGA would be remotely reconfigured through the ground station. This remote reconfiguration feature would enable the implementation of evolutionary hardware on-board future small satellites. In another futures in the detection modules, can be detect an up-normal possession operation by specified upper layer signature process. Keywords - Detection, Failure, Recovery, Satellite.