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A new Perspective on Expanding the Research Boundary of Chinese Phonology

This paper tries to explain that studying the phonology of Chinese traditional Xiqu is a new perspective to expand the research field of Chinese Phonology. So little has been done and there is much to do. The essence of the word "new" is twofold within this paper. The first is venturing into a new research field/s to enrich and enhance the results and principles already established in Chinese phonology. The second refers to, within the context of Xiqu, applying methods or theories of Chinese phonology as means of research, which have not yet been utilized before, to achieve innovative results that might help, or even guide the study of Xiqu. This paper will choose the phonological studies on Jing Ju as an example to elaborate. Keywords - Chinese Phonology, Hui and Han tones and dialects, Jing Ju, Spoken and stage language