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Law and Society in African Context

This paper focusses on the effects of Law and Society in African Context dwelling specifically with East African Countries and other African countries and its effects on the economies of these countries as well as the societies in these countries. It discussed the following subtopics LawandSociety: Aristotle’s Version 384-322.B.C.; Lawand Society: Plato’sversion 429-348B.C.; LawandSociety:Plato’s version; LawandSociety: Aristotle’s Theory of law; LawandSociety: Functions of law; Law and Society: Justice; Law and Society: Stability; Law and Society: Certainty; Law and Society: Flexibility; Law and Society: Regulatory; Law and Society: Enforcement; Economic Growth: Fight against Corruption: Conclusion: Access to Justice: Deterrence against Crimes: Political Instability: Violation of Human Rights: Dictatorship: andCorruption. Keywords - Corruption, Criminal Court, Human Rights, Justice, Law, Society