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The Importance of Nursing Management at Nephrology Patients in Albania

The purpose of the study is to establish common practices used by nurses in the management and treatment of pathologies renal and the importance that training of nurses in the field of nephrology in relation to their educational needs in the way in order to improve patient care. This study is a retrospective descriptive type.In this study included a total of 160 licensed nurses with an average age of 41.5 ± 12.63 years. The study was conducted in a period of 2013-2015 in several regional hospitals in the country. The data were analyzed and certain conclusions drawn by SPSS version 15.00.The value p <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Tables and graphs are used for data visualization 160 nurses obtained from the study showed that the average age was 41.5 ± 12.63 years. Noticed a predominance of women 102 (3.75%) compared with 58 men (36.25%). 160 nurses in the study note that the length of time practicing as a licensed nurse constitutes the most 4-7 years in 37 individuals (23.75%). Regarding the education level of nurses with master constitute 62 individuals (39%) with statistically significant difference (p <0.01) .As belongs certifications and training in connection with ongoing education of nurses showed that only 45 (28%) nurses posses this training without statistically significant difference (p = 0.01). Regarding the time nursing spends in treating patients of different age groups we have the following results:0-11 years old 17.7 or 14% of time spent; 11-21 years 15.95 or 12% of time spent; 22-64 years 40.3 or 31% of time spent.; 65-79 years 36.75 or 28% of time spent; > 80 years old 19.8 or 15% of time spent. The data collected showed that there are specific aspects of SRK in patient management that put out that nurses had an extremely heavy role in assessing, monitoring and health education and it needed improvement continuous training and their certification . Keywords - Chronic Kidney Disease, Nursing Management, Nephrology Nurse, I Continued Training, Health Education.