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Enhancement of Government Services through Implementation of Robotic Process Automation- A Case Study in Dubai

In recent year, industries across various sectors are driven by latest technologies, digitization and automation of services, artificial intelligence and blockchain. axs, which is an operational entity of TECOM Group in Dubai started its digital journey end of 2014 with the main focus on employing advanced technologies in upgrading its service level to its partners. In this paper, an advanced method of automation was applied namely Robotic process automation was deployed late last year to assist the back office in processing government services such as entry visa, employment and their dependents as well as students visas. The achieved results exhibited major improvements in terms of shorter duration of the services delivered to the partners, elimination of process errors in the back office and above all achievement an improvement of 30% in the employee engagement in the department. Definitely, this would pave the way for the organization to adapt to a more strategic approach in decision making such as artificial intelligence and big data. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Optical Character Recognition, Robotic Process Automation.