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Pipe Network Analysis by using Hardy Cross Method & Epanet Software

This study aims to provide information about pipe network analysis which is an important step of construction of pipe water networks. Some of methods that apply in pipe networks analysis will be explained. But Hardy cross method will be focused because the software (EPANET software) will be used in this study depend on this method. EPANET software was being selected because it is free of charge for copying and distribution. Also, it supported in Appleā€™s Mac OS X platforms, Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Another reason for selecting this software that ultimate number of pipes can be used in this software which helps the users to solve big problems with huge number of pipes in easy way. There are a lot of definitions for EPANET software that be found in many sources. EPANET software can defined as a public domain hydraulic analysis package for water supply networks by using Cross Hardy method. In this study, Data part will include problems and example to facilitate understanding the learner. Keywords - Pipe network, Pipe network analysis, Hardy Cross method , EPANET.