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Do Leadership and Job Stress Influence Employees Job Satisfaction?

The purpose of this study is to examine the association of job stress and leadership on job satisfaction. This study empirically investigates that how motivational factors affect the employees job satisfaction.The study enhances in existing literature through verifying the mechanism of job stress and leadership on job satisfaction. The proposed hypotheseswere attained by the descriptive random survey research design method through questionnaire. Data of the respondents were took from the Staff members from Jiangsu University. Random sampling technique was used to execute this research. The empirical analysis was conducted through Smart PLS V-3.0 and Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS- V23) using a sample of 211key informants. The finding of this study suggested that job stress and leadership have positive and significant impact on job satisfaction. Thus, the model is applicable in a University Environment. This research has several limitations that suggest further possibilities for empirical research, for instance variables like training, work discipline etc. should be tested while the focus of future research on Human resource management to help academicians and practitioners and the public. Keywords - Job Stress, Leadership, Employee Job Satisfaction, University, China