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Associations Between the Children’s Behaviors on Waste Management with the Parent’s Demographics, Attitude and Knowledge of the Parent’s on Waste Management

As KohMak is a Green Destination in Thailand, environment conservation is crucial. Waste management is a very important factor for environment conservation. Therefore, embedding correct waste management behavior is crucial to be cultivated in the culture and children who will have to take care of KohMak in the future. This study aims to 1) study demographics of early childhood children and their parent and the parent’s knowledge and attitude toward waste management, 2) understand the current behaviors in waste management of both the children and their parent, and 3) investigate association between the child’s behavior toward waste management with the parent’s demographics knowledge, attitude, and behaviors in waste management. The population in this study is children age 2-6 and one of the parents who are closest to the child. This is an exploratory study, which used questionnaire as the tool, descriptive statistics and correlation analysis. Keywords - Waste, Waste Management, Early Childhood, Attitude, Behavior