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Ethics in the Marshall Islands (Challenges in Environment and Education)

The aim of this paper is to briefly introduce and apply different ethical approaches and ethical theories to the environment; and education of the small Pacific nation of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). After a brief description of the Marshall Islands I set several ethical values I will deal with throughout the entire paper. The ethical methods and theories I aim to discuss and apply are utilitarianism, altruism, and deontology. I closely focus on the theory of ethics of social consequences within the utilitarian approach that I personally find the most appropriate to work within the set issues with. I try to apply all of the above-mentioned theories to different parts of the daily life of the Marshallese people in the RMI. Firstly, I try to apply ethical theories within different issues of Environmental Ethics in the RMI using different approaches of anthropocentrism, extensionism, and biocentrism. Next, I turn my attention to the area of my research, the education, where I deal with the challenges and ethical values I personally face when delivering the lectures as a faculty of the College of the Marshall Islands. I applied various ethical theories to some critical issues related to a few contemporary concerns I found critical within the relationship between the teacher and student. Finally, I try to offer several solutions from my perspective based on the applied ethical theories on how to mitigate the problems and overcome constantly re-appearing issues we face on a daily basis. Keywords - Ethical Theories, Values, Education, Environment, Marshall Islands.