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Power Flow Analysisof Single-Phase Three-Wire Premises Wiring System

Single-phase two-wire (12w) feeders or branch circuits are common in premises wiring system serving lighting and small-appliance loads. However, single-phase three-wire (13w)feeders and branch circuits have some advantages, such as:moderatingvoltage drop, reducing lineloss and cutting the amount of conductors. This paper presents a novel approach to solve the power flow problem of the 13w premises wiring system.The proposed approach is based on the loop frame of reference, rather than the traditional approach which is normally based on the bus frame of reference.Because the proposed approach is mainly on the basis of the foundation ofgraph theory, the feeders or branch circuitscan be represented in a more detailed manner. Furthermore, the performance equation or full-scale model of the premises wiring system can be builtin an easy way. Final, the proposed approach was verified through comparison of its results with the measurement data of field tests. The proposed approach and implementation technique are of value to engineers and techniciansf in the design and operation of premises wiring system for dwelling units or smart buildings and may be implemented in the energy management system (EMS). Index Terms´┐ŻPremises Wiring System, Feeder, Branch Circuit, Loop Frame Of Reference, Single-Phase Three-Wirecircuit, Power Flow, Dwelling Unit, Smart Building.