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Digitalization of Library Administration System at University

In the current era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the need for information technology in all fields is a necessity. This also applies in the world of education and literacy, especially library management. Information technology is really needed in library management so that the process of disseminating information and knowledge is faster and easier to access whenever and wherever. The use of this technology is believed to be able to improve the quality of human resources especially the quality of conducting research and publications. Research and publication become mandatory requirements for students to graduate. Therefore, it requires a lot of quality literature sources so that student research is getting better and more quality so that it can be accepted and published in accredited national journals or reputable international journals. This has become a big task for university managers and supervisors to encourage and involve students to be able to publish their research results. One of them is by providing digital system based library services that provide a variety of quality literature, both books and quality journals that can be accessed by all students. This research aims to design a digital based library management system. The results of the study are digital library management system programs from the initial display of digital library entry, data input, information on the availability of literature collections, the registration process, booking and borrowing books. Keywords - Digital Library, Library Management.