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Modern Turkish Art and Sarkis

In 20th century, “Art”, has reached a new status self-judging and interrogating itself, evolving through phases reforming, changing, and differentiating its structure. During this process, esthetic concerns were left behind and Art moved on an intellectual ground, rather than a visual one. This understanding – dating back from 1960s – is called Modern Art. With the onset of “Postmodernity” art surpassed its structural/conceptual/theoretical foundations and claims of creativity, recognized unorthodox cultures, tackled the problems of these cultures,and gained new, interesting, modern, actual values, at the same level with the West. In 1980s, with “Globalization” and especially with the term “Culture Industry” entering the literature, Turkish art began to open up to the world and develop. In this context, this study will discuss Sarkis, one of the pioneers of Turkish Modern Art. The study will evaluate his work on the problems of memory, space, and time. Keywords - Art, Contemporary Art, Turkish Contemporary Art, Sarkis