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Proposed Staffing and Retention Plan for HKC to Increase Operational Effectivity

Decoration means the activity of making something looks more attractive by putting things on or around it. Nowadays, people tend to decorate the event in order to make the event more beautiful and they love to take pictures and share it on social media. As a decoration vendor, HKC has experienced an increase in demand without undertaking a specific marketing strategy. As a growing company, HKC needs some scaling up strategy in order to be more effective and can accommodate the demand. The research started with exploration using Porter’s Five Forces and PEST Analysis which help HKC to determine strategic opportunities and threats in an industry that can affect the company’s growth. this research used the Six Development Task and Growing Pain analysis to know current condition of HKC’s company structure which resulted HKC did not have proper formal organizational structure, unclear division of job description, and lack of human resource which resulting in ineffective and inefficient company performance. The solution is HKC needs optimal staffing plan to support the company, this research compared the same field competitors by benchmarking. For the solution of company structure, researcher used 7s McKinsey that contained seven internal elements of organization. After defining all the seven elements, staffing plan can be made by specify the job task and making the job description. After finding the right people for the job, it is important to keep the best people in the company. HKC need to have retention plan in order to help the company to boost the employee’s spirit and passion in doing their jobs. Keywords - Growing Pains, 7s McKinsey, Organizational Structure, Staffing Plan, Retention Plan