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Proposed Business Innovation and Marketing Strategy for KBB

Renewable energy products are alternative energy that can replace / reduce the use of electrical energy derived from coal-fired power plants. The coal burning process has a negative impact on the environment, one of which is air pollution, which causes extreme climate change. Although the government has supported it, the utilization of renewable energy products in Indonesia is still relatively small. Therefore, the objective of this research is to help companies to be able to raise public interest in using renewable energy products and increase company’s sales. Researchers conducted an internal analysis of the company's condition consisting of STP and Marketing Mix 4P. In addition, researchers conducted an external analysis consisting of Porter 5 Forces and PESTLE. The results of internal and external analysis will be used to assess the company's condition using the IFE and EFE Matrix. Researchers use Customer Persona and Value Proposition Canvas, which are validated using the Javelin Board to find solutions to the problems encountered, which will be explained through Business Model Canvas. Recommendations that the researcher can give to increase public interest in using renewable energy products is the proposed Business Innovation, namely providing product installation services, rental programs and financing programs. In addition to increasing sales, companies need to do market penetration strategy by implementing Online Marketing. In doing Online Marketing the company can use the services of content creators who will help companies prepare Content Marketing. Keywords - Business Innovation, Market Penetration, Online Marketing, Content Marketing.