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A Model Development of the Impact of Teachers’ Role on Political Participation Intention among High School Students in Kuwait: A Structural Equation Model

Political socialization is considered an important role to the individual’s changes in political attitudes and behavioral paradigms, and is closely related to political participation intention. Inspiring an individual to be fulfilled with political engagement should be cultivated since study age. It is believed that teacher plays a critical role to political socialization of the people especially among adolescents. In the context of Kuwait, the empirical studies or body of knowledge has remained sparse and restrained to the causal mechanism of political socialization through the influence of teachers or educational institutions. Thus, the main objective of this paper focused on the influence of teacher’s transmission mechanism towards political participation intention among high school students in the State of Kuwait. In present study, data collection was conducted with a total of 1,865 high school students from 42 public and private schools across six education regions in the State of Kuwait. Based on the structural equation model, the finding revealed that political discussion in the classroom influenced directly on students’ political participation intention and indirectly affected on students’ political participation intention through political cognition, political interests, and positive attitudes about the politics. In conclusion, teacher-driven transmission and associated process affecting the inclination the younger generation to participate in the political process have been significantly affected by both direct and indirect influence of the socialization through the teachers. Keywords - Digital Citizenship, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Kuwait