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A Structural Equation Model of Social Media on Political Interests of University Students in Kuwait

Currently, social media plays a crucial role on the individual’s political attitudes and behaviours. Political news and information have been continuously and immediately reported through the various channels of social media. Thus, this becomes an important source of political information affecting individuals’ political attitude, and behaviours including political interests among university students. Hence, this research aims at exploring the effects of social media on political interests of university students in the State of Kuwait. Data was collected using the questionnaires from 972 undergraduate students who were currently enrolling in the bachelor’s degree program in the public or the private universities in the State of Kuwait. The results derived upon the structural equation model revealed that perceptions in the local/international/global politics through social media directly affected student’s political interests. In addition, it indirectly affected political interests through personal attitudes about local/international/global politics. Keywords - Social Media, Political Interests, Kuwait