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Design of Energy Management System for Solar Power Smoothing

Renewable energy source especially solar is intermittent in nature, since the solar irradiance is not constant due to cloud movement. When this source injects power to grid, it causes imbalance in the system. Energy management system is designed to reduce intermittency in grid. The photovoltaic system consists of PV panels connected to DC-DC converter. A common DC bus is shared with PV system and proposed energy management system and fed to DC-AC inverter and grid. Incremental conductance algorithm (MPPT) is used for power optimization. A bidirectional DC converter is controlled by manipulating the current flow and implemented together with battery storage. In addition, inverter’s three-phase SPWM is generated using abc-dq transformation and PI controller. The proposed system is simulated using Matlab/Simulink. This paper deals with simulation study of interaction between intermittent source and the active power flowing from the source to the grid. The proposed energy management system aims to smoothen the intermittent power. Keywords - Photovoltaic, Grid connected, Intermittency, Smoothing