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Business Strategy for Top Corp’s Net Cages to Succeed in Indonesia Market

The global demand for fish has steadily increased over years and most of all fish that’s consumed worldwide comes from aquaculture breeding. This leads to TopCorp, a manufacturer of net cages for aquaculture in Taiwan that eager to expand its business to Indonesia aquaculture market. Qualitative research was adopted as the method in this study by using a semi-structured interview and observation as the data collection tools. Based on the analysis, Indonesia comes as a huge opportunity for TopCorp due to the facts that it is being known for the significant growth of fish consumption per capita and recorded as the second largest fish exporter in the world. Considering the findings, the best strategy for TopCorp’s net cages to succeed in Indonesia are through establishing a representative office in Indonesia to increase its brand awareness, and participate in the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries net cages tender to gain more network and combine resources. Keywords - Aquaculture, Business Strategy, Fisheries, Net Cages