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Children’s Rights are Human Rights: A Critical analysis of Violations of Rights of Children belonging to lower Income groups

Children are the future hopes of the society .They are like buds which need to be properly nourished and well taken care of, so that they bloom fully and grow into able human beings and contribute their worth to the future development of the society. Children Rights are human rights and denying rights to children is a breach of human rights. Every person including children has the right to human dignity and integrity. This paper focuses on the Human Rights of children and seeks to find out whether Children grow up in a loving, healthy and secure atmosphere and whether they enjoy rights and live a quality life .It also tries to find out if they have opportunities available for a better life. It looks into the Socio-cultural and economic status of Children belonging to lower income groups. Involvement of children in any kind of labour leads to consistent violations of their Human Rights. This study takes critical account into the suffering, agony, and exploitation of the children coming from lower income groups. After closely observing the phenomenon and interacting with the children involved in various kinds of labour and spending time in the target areas, ample evidences have been collected which reveal that childrens Human Rights are violated. The objective of the study is to tackle this problem and find a viable solution to provide rights to the subjected children to make them productive citizens. Keywords - Human Rights, Lower Income Groups, Child Labour.