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Assessment of Czech Food Stores Chains

This paper deals with an assessment of Czech food stores chains. There are seven food stores assets by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in this paper. Data Envelopment Analysis models split decision-making units (DMUs) into two subsets - efficient and inefficient. The second group can be easily ranked according to efficiency score of the units. The efficient units have identical efficiency scores and cannot be ranked directly. Because of that, there is a super-efficiency model derived from CCR model. DEA models transfer multiple inputs into multiple outputs. There are two inputs used in this paper: equity capital in thousands of CZK and number of employees. There are two outputs: business margin in thousands of CZK and sales in thousands of CZK. There is shown the influence of outputs in this paper. There is a comparison between model, which has one output – business margin and another model with sales as output. All calculations are realised using original procedures written in the LINGO modelling language. Keywords - Data Envelopment Analysis, Food Stores, Efficiency