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Diagnosis of the FDI Landscape in India

Globalization has made the mobility of money across the global very easy, in fact the real globalization is evident in the fund flows across the globe. Currently, there is a great flow of funds among countries, money flowing to destinations which are more attractive than others. The investors prefer to invest in assets and places that offer attractive returns and are relatively less risky. Different assets, companies and countries have different characteristics that attract different investors differently at different times. The inflow of FDI gives developing countries access to capital that would otherwise be not available. FDI also provides much needed foreign exchange and therefore helps to adjust some of the macroeconomic imbalances in developing countries. India is in the growth mode, trying to boost the growth rate from all corners, but the resources available is limited and very often insufficient, hence thecountry is competing against others to make the investment climate more investor-friendly and project itself as an investor-friendly destination for the FDI. The main objectives of this study are to find out the status of India as a destination for FDI, the factors that attracts FDI into India and how these can be enhanced, and the factors that hinder the flow of FDI into India and how these can be reduced or removed. This study is solely based on secondary data collected from local, regional and international agencies. The study covers a period of five years from 2014-2015 to 2018-2019. The study analysis various determinants of FDI like market size, infrastructure, volatility of exchange rates, openness of the economy, import-export policies, political risk, corruption, labor force, raw materials, technological readiness, innovation, taxation, cost of capital, capital markets, and government policies. The study reveals that India has the potential, decent growth, political stability, free capital markets and acceptable policy that makes it attractive to foreign investors and suggests measures to enhance the attractiveness, similarly highlights the hindrances to the inflow of FDI into India and suggests measure to reduce them. Keywords - Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations, India, Investor-Friendly.