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Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Ovality Checking Gauge for Facilitating Mechanical Inspection and Quality Control

This is the manifestation of designing and manufacturing of Ovality Checking Gauge, Which is associated with gearless power transmission system with elbow mechanism. The circular jobs, especially manufactured in turning & cylindrical grinding processess, could be uploaded on the mentioned gauge, so that the product perfection could be investigated with respect to a dial gauge. There are several reasons for a machined circular part, ought to be suffered from ovality; due to out of roundness. Clamping distortion, machine spindle run out, use of improper cutting tool, presence of dirt and chip on the clamping surface etc. are major responsible incidents for producing undesired oval circular jobs. The right angled elbows are responsible for generation & transmission of circular motion on the job holder of the gauge by replacing the usage of conventional bevel gears. The working principle of this arrangement is associated with very smooth and work effective sequence of power transmission at a right angle with minimum amount of power loss. The product design of the mentioned instrument has been undertaken in Auto Cad Lt 2019 software and the manufacturing, inspection and assembly have been carried out; through the usage of precision Tool Room concepts, machineries and equipments. Keywords - Total Quality Management,Ovality,Quality Control,Dial Indicator,Granite Surface Plate,Design,Elbow Mechanism,Analysis,Auto Cad,Transmission Rod,Transmission Coupling etc.