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Migration from Assam and the Patterns of Consumption of Remittances

The cross border movements of people vis-a-vis the increasing diversity of societies have become inescapable. Workers migrate overseas, away from their home countries in order to seek better employment opportunities. The salaries earned by migrants and the resulting surplus funds are sent back home in the form of remittances. These remittances help in improving the quality of life for the migrants and also for their families back home. Remittances are basically used on basic consumption goods, housing, expenditure on education and health care goods and services, capital for small business creation and entrepreneurial activities.This paper makes an attempt to examine the characteristics of the current status of out migration of labourers from the study area and delineate the profile of the households wherefrom such out-migrations occur. It also attempts to discover the end-use patterns of remittances by the migrant households. Keywords - Migration, globalization, remittance, household, consumption etc.