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Post Disaster Management: Housing Resettlement for Flood Victims in Malaysia

In December 2014, Kelantan was seriously affected by a huge flood. In Kuala Krai alone, more than 1500 households were lost. Thus, housing resettlement is required. This paper describes issues related to housing resettlement for flood victims during post-disaster management stage in Malaysia. This qualitative approach study was conducted to identify the issues faced by government in terms of the housing resettlement distribution. Face-to-face interviews with respondents, consisted of a state government officer and the appointed contractor of the housing resettlement project, were conducted in order to glean in-depth information. The questions were based on several themes. The interview results show that the government must provide accurate data of the household that needed the housing resettlement. Secondly, the selection of resettlement area must accommodate the number of houses to be constructed and several items to be considered in terms of site selection for a resettlement area such as the land requirement law, flood-prone free aspect, flood victims social economics activities, accessibility, infrastructure and surrounding development. The delays of the state government to allocate suitable site for resettlement projects will cause delays in distributing the houses and as a result, the flood victims will remain in tents or temporary shelter. Keywords - Flood; Post-Disaster Management; Housing Resettlement; Household Flood Victims